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WeShare is a full service Digital Marketing Agency located in CT.  We specialize in helping manufacturing companies identify and build their brand.  With an extensive background in manufacturing we understand the challenges that you face in the your business.  SEO, Search, Adwords, and Data Analytics. Our team of digital experts can handle all aspects of your digital branding needs.  We are a full service agency, providing, photography, video production, web design, DNS integration, paid search and other services.  Since 2000 we have been creating and implementing strategic results for manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing in the USA has it's own unique set of challenges, and it is a VERY competitive space.  At WeShare we can help you use professionally created photo and video media to help your brand stand out from the competition.  Having a great website is only part of the total package, you need to be able to use social channels to get in touch with the decision makers and increase your business.  We can also help you with managing social media, Google, search engines, print materials, logo creation, AdWords campaigns, Analytics and everything else you need to create an effective marketing plan and grow your brand.

Our process is simple. We will do a thorough examination of your existing website and marketing and see where we can improve. If you do not have a website we can create one for you. Lot's of companies build websites, and there are a lot of tools that allow you to build your own website. However, using these tools will still require you to do the work, finding photos, and manage search engine optimization to name a few.
Our goal is help you manage the load of marketing at an affordable cost. Let's plan a time to sit and talk over coffee to see what we can do for you.

Here is a list of some of our comprehensive services, we do it all in house so you are working with the same people through the entire process.

Marketing Creation - 203-770-0795

What we do...

Here is a list of some of our award winning services...

Website Development

Everyone needs a website, but who has the time to build one?  Let us do it for you!
We can design you a cutting edge site that shares your message with SEO built in.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We are SEO Experts.  Knowing the ins and outs of ranking on Google is a full time job.  We can help you make sure your site meets your targets or specific metrics.

Content Creation

Content, Content, Content!  In order to get your message out and rank well you need content.  Our experts can create, copy, photo and video content for you.

Product Photography

Whether you are looking for photographs of your facility, or images to show off a new product, CT Photo has the expertise to make your vision a reality.

360 Degree Product Photography

We offer 360 photography for all types and sizes of products.  We also can offer hosting and support to get the photos online with the best possible results.

Headshot Photography

Getting that great look for you and your team is extremely important, we provide headshots for you, or your entire team in our studio or in your office.

Google Suite Support

The Google Suite of products can be extremely confusing and time consuming for any small business owner.  Let us help you make sense of it all, and get your business promoted.

Video Production

We produce Commercials, Corporate Videos, Training Films using the latest camera and editing technology. Working closely with our clients to complete projects on time, on budget.

Event Production

Event support is one of our specialties.  We offer projectors, screens, audio equipment and technical support for any size event or fundraiser.

Some of the Industries We Help!

Military and Aerospace Manufacturing Company Marketing - WeShare Marketing

Military & Aerospace Contractors

Professional photo and media creation to make your brand stand out.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company Marketing - WeShare Marketing

Electronic Manufacturers

Electronic Contract Manufacturing company brand building

Medical Manufacturing Company Marketing - WeShare Marketing

Medical Manufacturing

Businesses or individuals that need social media platform support.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. 

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